Gender change Surgery

Gender Affirmation Surgery: How To Prepare For It?

Gender affirmation surgery or transgender surgery means going through the transition of having the gender that person feels confident about themselves. With the wide acceptance of gender change, the procedure is getting global attention. The count of individuals getting male to female surgery in India is 1 out of 4. As it’s a big decision, make sure not to take it lightly. Being aware of every step before you opt for the procedure plays a crucial part. The blog will highlight the five key factors on how you should prepare for gender affirmation surgery.

5 factors in preparing for gender change surgery

Factor 1: Don’t think you are alone; discuss your feelings

The decision to plan for your Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh requires a lot of patience and a careful approach. You all have to discuss everything with others on how you feel. Indeed! It’s one of the most exciting experiences of your life, so give it proper time and discuss every stage of surgery.

You should go online and discuss the way you feel with the surgeon. In doing this, you are in a better state to understand everything and make everything all easier and smooth for you.

Factor 2: Don’t leave the recovery preparation for the last minute

Even if your surgical procedure begins in 1 or 2 months, you need to prepare yourself thoroughly. If your sex-change surgery includes the procedure of Rhinoplasty in Vizag, then ask the doctor about the necessary steps of preparation. It’s essential to consider the following things:

  • What are the things you should follow before the surgery?
  • How long does the recovery procedure last?
  • What are the medications and supplements you need?

So, with the doctor’s assistance, you should prepare for the surgical plan. Additionally, ask your near and dear ones who can help you during recovery.

Factor 3: Understand the benefits and risks of the surgery

As you plan for the sex-change surgery, make sure to analyze the risk and advantages of the surgery. Being fully aware lets you better understand going through the surgery and what to expect afterward.

Factor 4: Consider the risk of gender affirmation surgery

You have to consider all possible risk factors involved with gender change surgery. No doubt, when you undergo surgery under the expertise of a medical professional, the results are effective and safe. However, being a surgical procedure, your body goes through several changes. You have to talk with your healthcare provider to mitigate the risk factors.

Did you know?

One of the studies linked with gender change surgery has shown the following statistics:

  • Reduce psychological distress by 42%
  • Bring down intake of tobacco smoking by 35%
  • Limit suicidal ideas by 44%

It’s all about the well-being of the patients and how they feel happy after getting the gender change surgery.

Factor 5: Trans journey does not just end at surgery

For a transgender person, it’s not just the surgery that should be considered the last step. The other measures include changing the name, getting a voter card, and consulting a psychiatrist and counselor. Although, the name change is accessible in India without getting surgery or hormone therapy.