Gender change Surgery

Undergoing gender reassignment surgery is not an easy decision; tons of work and therapy lead one person to achieve this and identify themselves with the gender they associate with rather than the one they are born with. This is why it is normal to have a lot of questions regarding gender change surgery. This is why we have brought ahead some of the common questions we are asked about gender change surgery.

One such question that brews inside the head is whether a transgender woman, i.e., male to female, can achieve orgasm post the surgery. 

Can Trans Women Orgasm After Gender Affirmation Surgery?

Let’s cut the slack and directly answer your question. Yes, it is absolutely possible to have an orgasm after the procedure. Gender affirmation surgery is one way that ensures a transformation of the individual who has gender dysphoria from the gender they have birthed with to the gender they cooperate with.

Male to female or female into Male both require serious intricacies in the process and must be done under the assistance of a skilled surgeon.

In male-to-female surgery, the doctor creates female genitalia by removing the testicles and the penis. The doctor then creates a vagina from the skin of the penile, also known as vaginoplasty and whereas the scrotal skin is used for making a labia.

The surgeon does not end the surgery there; they also make the clitoris, also known as clitoroplasty. They are typically made from the highly sensitive glans which are seen on the tip of the penis. The importance of clit is very significant in women’s pleasure point. There are many women who can not achieve orgasm without stimulation on the clit. This is why they create such organs during the process so as to make the trans woman feel pleasure at the time of sexual activity.

One of the biggest goals of gender change surgery is the ability to relish sexual intimacy and also obtain orgasms. According to research, it is seen that many trans women are satisfied with the surgery. 

How Much Time Will It Take For The Trans Women To Enjoy Orgasm Post Surgery?

Generally, it takes time for trans women to start enjoying orgasm post-surgery. It takes time for the body to heal 100 %. Apart from that, they also need to get acquainted with the process of women’s body function. They have to find the right way they can enjoy the stimulation to achieve orgasm. With time, they would be able to communicate with their partner about their sexual needs too. Transgender women should not hesitate to seek professional help for sexual activities; sex therapy would help them with excellent knowledge. 

Remove The Hesitation

It is a great taboo in society to talk about gender change, surgery, pleasure, and sex. You, as an individual, can dictate your life without any complication from the community.