Gender change Surgery

How Does The Sex Reassignment Surgery Work?

The whole process takes around three to seven hours. In this procedure, the doctor includes the removal of the penis and also reshaping of the tissue of the genetic area for a male to female surgery. This whole process is done to give the appearance of more females and also to construct the vagina.

People chose gender change surgery so that they would be able to associate with the correct gender they feel rather than the one given at birth.

Given Below Are The Procedure Of Sex Reassignment Surgery

  • With the help of an invasive tool, an incision is made on the scrotum. Then the doctor pulls back the flap of the skin. And after that, the testes are removed.
  • The doctor cut a shorter urethra to remove the penis. With the excess skin left, the construction of the vagina and labia is done.
  • Unlike female into Male, people who do Male to female surgery retain a prostate.
  • With the help of estrogen, the doctor would stimulate breast development following the surgery. Apart from that, some also undergo the hip widening process, increase the voice pitch and inhibit the growth of facial hair.


What are The Different Techniques Used?

There are multiple techniques used for creating a vagina. One of the techniques that are known for being least invasive and more effective is by using an inverted skin of the penis to make the newly created cavity of the vagina. The doctor makes an incision on the penis from the base to the head; then, the doctor peels away the skin from the shaft.


In most of the procedures used, the surgeons used the portion of the penis head to form a clitoris. This procedure is done to allow sexual enjoyment and stimulation. In the case of a small penis, the doctor then uses a thigh, scrotal, or abdominal skin graft for the construction. Before teh sex reassignment surgery begins, the pubic hair in the scrotal skin is removed entirely for proper surgery.

 What Are The Goals Of Surgeons In Gender Change Surgery?

These are the goals that the surgeon has in their mind while forming up the construction of the surgery.

  • Their main goal is to create a vagina that looks similar to the biological one.
  • Their next goal is to preserve all the nerves and sensory points that would help the trans person get a good sensation while touching and the ability to orgasm.
  • They also create a long vaginal cavity which is both long and wide. Their cavity is sized enough for intercourse to happen.
  • The urethral orifice is also placed in the correct position, which matches the anatomy of the woman’s body. The place of the urethral orifice is above the vaginal opening.
  • The erectile tissues which are present are entirely removed. This process is done to prevent any engorgement of the tissue at the time of sexual intercourse.

As you start the journey of transgender surgery, you need the confidence and the guidance of the right expert who will help you reach your destination.