Gender change Surgery

Gender Change Surgery in Andhra Pradesh

Transitioning into yourself or the way you feel comfortable about yourself comes with many different options. Undoubtedly, as the journey is new, it’s obvious to have other concerns in the patient’s mind about what to expect and what will happen afterward. One of the common concerns among transwomen getting Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh is: ‘Is it possible to have an orgasm after surgery?’

To answer it short and simple: YES! It’s possible.

Sex change surgery brings the change and confidence

If you are going, beginning with gender confirmation or affirmation surgery, then all you need is the expertise of a trained medical professional. MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh, under the expertise of trained professionals at VJ’s Transgender Clinic, allows you have the necessary results you are looking for. At our clinic, we offer several transgender and cosmetic treatment options like:

  • Circumcision in Vizag
  • Hymenoplasty
  • Gynecomastia
  • Penis Enlargement
  • Facial feminization surgery
  • Chin contouring
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Forehead reconstruction
  • And many other procedures

MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh

As the trans woman begins her journey towards achieving that look she wants, her utmost consideration is the creation of female genitalia. During genital creation for a male to female surgery, the process includes:

  • Removing penis & testicles
  • Vagina creation

The procedure involves creating penile skin – Vaginoplasty.

What does vaginal creation include?

Along with vagina creation, the surgeon also creates a clitoris (Cliortorplasty) – one of the highly sensitive glans present at the penis top. The specific part gives desired sexual pleasure and helps achieve orgasm.

Through gender-reassignment surgery, the individuals get to enjoy intimacy and get orgasms. Even the studies have shown that the women can have sexual sensations after undregoing:

  • Clitoroplasty
  • Vaginoplasty

The factor that there’s ‘Good Genital Sensitivity’ gives the person utmost satisfaction and happiness. The joy of seeing desired results and sexual pleasure are higher.

How long can it take to start an orgasm?

For many individuals, there’s a concern about whether orgasm starts right after the surgery or does it take time. Well, for some women to have an orgasm, it takes time. The body needs time to heal, so it’s essential to go through that process easier.

Moreover, a woman needs time to understand:

  • How does she like to be stimulated?
  • What brings her pleasure?

Well, that is where you have to talk to your partner and discover this new journey together.

Do you need guidance to start your journey of gender change?

The entire phase is new, and for some, the procedure might be overwhelming, and some might try to go with the flow. At VJ’s Transgender Clinic to make the entire journey smooth and easy. No matter what doubt you have on your mind, make sure to talk to the doctor about the same to be informed in every way possible.