Stating facts about Circumcision

Circumcision is a minor surgical procedure for removing the foreskin from the top of the penis. The process makes perfect for infants, or some might get it in adult age. The procedure even gets attention among the Sex Change Surgery in Vizag or even for personal reasons. No doubt, everyone has their personal preference as to whether they wish to get the treatment or not. Keeping that aside, several myths and facts revolve around the surgery.

Getting surgery or not, it’s a personal choice but not at the cost you keep on assuming wrong about the approach of Circumcision in Vizag. And that is why I have shared the most common myths and facts about Circumcision.

Break the chain of myths revolving around Circumcision

Myth 1: Circumcision is just limited to a cosmetic approach

Fact: Removing the excess skin present on the tip of the penis might be termed a cosmetic approach. However, it has medical benefits that a male child and adult can get. That’s not all the procedures of Circumcision offer health benefits that reduce the risk of penile cancer.

Myth 2: Circumcision helps to promote male hygiene

To take care of male hygiene, you have to do something on your part. Through surgery, it’s easier to clean the penis and limit the risk of getting urinary tract infection and inflammatory skin problems. Studies have shown that those who don’t get surgery have higher chances of getting infection and zipper injuries.

Myth 3: Circumcision affects sexual health and desire

Fact: NO! That’s not true; Circumcision won’t limit the ability to have an erection. Whether the surgery get’s done or not, the sexual desire urge won’t get affected. So, sexual sensations are not bothered by Circumcision.

Myth 4: Circumcision will limit the chances of STDs later

Fact: Studies have shown Circumcision can reduce the risk of HIV infection in heterosexual men. Not just that, it offers protection against herpes, HPV, and syphilis. Additionally, reduces the risk of cervical cancer.

Myth 5: Early Circumcision means better results and benefits

Fact: Well, it goes both ways. Circumcision performed in the first year of life will prevent the chances of urinary tract infection. But, seeking treatment early can create problems of bleeding and bruising. What you all have to do is consult experienced medical health professionals.

Myth 6: Circumcision leads to an increased chance of injury

Fact: Chances of injury or any other problem are very rare. You have to consult an experienced medical health professional, and you are good to go. There won’t be any problem or difficulty in undergoing surgery.

Do you have any doubts?

You can discuss everything and whether seeking the approach is right for you with the doctor. The doctor will give you an aftercare treatment plan to go through recovery smoothly.