Accommodating the needs of the citizen is a top service of the government. We elect them to make our lives a little more comfortable and better, especially with the basic facilities, including education, healthcare, and many more.

But is it applicable for everyone?

It is indeed a tricky question that depends on the various layers of the situation. But in general, the government do try to provide a safe place for the citizen.

One of the communities is transgender, which faces a lot of backlash in society, thus making it more critical for the government to provide better facilities.

Health Care and Transgender

Does the health care system look after the gender change surgery? It mainly depends on the situation and the case post-section-377. There is still much more than the Indian government had to do to give transgender people a safe place. Though in some states, for example, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, there is some aid to female surgery of Male to female, 80% of the financial assistance is still not looked after.

NGOs And LGBTQ+ Organisation

It is much easier for people who want to opt for a gender change from female into Male or male to female but does not have any financial aid to support the decision to reach out to such NGOs or LGBTQ+ organization that works for the best iNterest of transgender na their development in the society.

Does Health Insurance Cover Gender-Affirming Surgery?

Yes, to an extent, they cover gender-changing surgery again; it depends on the case. But firstly, transgender does need to get an assertive declaration from the medical expert, which states they must undergo surgery.

Disclaimer: the claim on the financial aid by the health insurance depends on the individual organization and their beliefs which would make the accessibility easy or hard accordingly. The above-stated line does not reflect what they could provide during gender change surgery.

Protection Available By The Government For The Transpeople

September 6, 2018, has been a life-changing day for many people. It has been an announcement of freedom for the LGBTQ+ community. The government of India has struck down article 377, which criminalized gay sex. It has not been a complete win for the community’s people but rather a start towards a better journey.

The inclusion of the other genders in the government paper has been an excellent start to accepting the community. However, there is still a lot to fight and win, but the start has begun and made it more plausible for people to fight for their rights.

Acceptance in The Society

Though politically inclusion has been started for whatever reason, the acceptance in the society would eradicate the evil. Educating the new generation and making the older one understand to accept LGBTQ+ is the key to overcoming such problems and making the place safer and secure for the transgender.