Gender change Surgery

A drastic change happens in the body that has to be dealt with care with any surgical procedure. But to make that change happen, several steps happen. Especially when you are planning to get gender change surgery, several concerns can revolve in your mind like, ‘Do I need to consult a psychiatrist?’ or ‘Is it not unfair that I have to consult a psychiatrist first before starting the surgery?’ Well, anything that happens it’s for a reason.


Psychiatrist role during a gender change surgery

In the case of psychotherapy, many factors have to be taken into consideration. All those looking to begin the journey of Male to female to improve the body image in all ways need to get assistance from the experienced surgeon, and the same goes for a female to male surgery. Being a transexual is essential that the proper care is achieved in all ways and the best possible needs are addressed.

What are the two main objectives of a psychiatrist?

Whether you are planning for females into males or males into females, you aim to get the best results. And this is where the psychiatrist plays a significant role in ensuring the best results are achieved. So, the psychiatrists are going to play two primary roles, and that includes:

  • Limit the chances to have unsatisfactory results

Psychological and social conditions have a significant role to play in this concept. It’s important because around 10% of the patients have shown they regret getting transgender surgery. Considering the same reason, it’s essential before the journey starts, there should be a consultation with the psychologist. No doubt, there are even reported cases of suicide and depression.


  • Make the transformation successful in all ways

The psychiatrist’s primary purpose is to ensure all those planning to begin their transformation journey are adequately aware of how every step will be taken. Until the patient’s global satisfaction is not achieved and the patient has to adapt themselves to the new gender completely.


What’s the role of a psychiatrist in gender change surgery?

The psychiatrist’s role for the gender affirmation surgery can be broken down into the following points:

  • Get the detailed confirmation regarding the GD diagnostic
  • Properly maintain all the necessary diagnoses of GD, which are about psychiatric pathology.
  • Check and tell the patient regarding all the negative predictive things which might be going in the mind. Discussing every possible factor is essential to ensure the surgical treatment goes with ease.
  • When you talk to the psychiatrist, he will detect any unrealistic expectations. There won’t be any problem for the surgical team to carry out the following steps during the surgery.
  • The psychiatrist will check that the patient is completely aware of the limitations and if any negative things might occur.