Gender change Surgery

In the growing entertainment industry, we have seen a lot of transgender people changing their sex and gaining a lot of Fame. Transgender people need gender change surgery to get a perfect body that suits their personality and emotions under the proper medical science supervision. Gender change surgery in India is increasing widely, especially among transgender people. They get their surgeries done here in India itself.  

Gender change surgery includes many factors of comprehensive gender change surgeries like mental health services, speech therapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy, and hormone therapy. And this is known as SRS (sex reassignment surgery). SRS Surgery in India is also available in various parts of the country with the best doctors and advanced technologies. 

These are some transgender people who went under SRS surgeries and now grabbing a lot of Fame: 

  1. Bobby darling 

A famous model was a boy earlier named Pankaj Sharma after a breast transplant. They were getting a lot of Fame as a transgender models. 

  1. Nikki Chawla

She underwent SRS surgery in 2009. She adapts herself as a woman, and she is also a model. 

  1. Shaisha Shinde

She is a fashion designer who also underwent SRS surgeries for Shaisha Shinde from Swapnil Shinde. She grabs attention after designing the winning gown of Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu.

  1. Anjali Ameer

She has one of the most inspired journeys from becoming a woman from men with the help of gender change surgeries. After becoming a woman, she gets a leading role in a Tamil film as well and is also loved by people. 

  1. Gauri Arora

A reality show star who undergoes gender change surgery by announcing it on the reality show ‘splitsvilla’ also took part in India’s next top Model after the surgery. She grabs a lot of Fame and attention from his community as well as from a broad audience too. 

There are several clinics providing SRS surgeries in India from different parts. These are some factors to keep in mind while making a choice for your transformation.  

Best doctors and surgeons: 

It would be best if you chose a place where you can get experienced doctor consultancy and well-practiced surgeons for a better transformation of the body. 

Equipment should be updated: 

In order to do surgery, the equipment should be packed with the latest technology to provide a better examination of the body, like PET, CT scans, and MRI scan machines which help the surgeon to perform the surgery with more perfection. 

Acknowledged Therapist: 

The consultants who examine the body should be supportive and not judgemental. Transgenders already have a lot of judgments about their bodies. So the therapist should have excellent communication skills to understand the patient’s conditions and emotions. 

Affordable cost: 

This procedure is costly as compared to other surgeries, but still, they should be affordable that a hardworking person can afford. Also should provide world-class services and satisfaction to patients.