Gender change Surgery

Sex reassignment surgery is a crucial stage of someone’s life, and most people are unaware of that, but it’s not just the physical changes that occur. Along with that, you would have to deal with many mental changes before or after gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh.

And to make everyone understand the changes someone goes through during this surgical process, VJS Transgender Clinic, the most reliable name for SRS surgery in Vizag, is creating this blog.

Within this, we will be discussing everything about the process & things to keep in mind.

Understanding Gender Identity 

We all know there are different genders in this world, but what we don’t know or try to ignore is gender identity. Gender identity is ideal or the sense of an individual’s gender.

Mostly gender identity is related to your gender, while there are certain people whose gender identity does not relate to your gender. Therefore, there are various types of gender identities, and a lot of people in this world are distributed according to their gender identities.

You must have encountered males, but their gender identity does not correlate with their gender. On the other hand, you must have seen females, whose gender identity does not correlate with their gender.

Although, due to society, we don’t consider these things normal, but these things are completely normal.

Although people whose gender does not correlate with their gender identity want to get a gender that is related to their gender, that’s when sex reassignment surgery helps.

The Steps of Sex Reassignment Surgery

 We hope you are well aware of the types of sex reassignment surgeries, which are divided into two sections. Let’s discuss them precisely.

  • Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery:

 During the complex surgery of male to female sex reassignment surgery, the penis tissues and testicles are removed. Not just that, the complete internal organs are developed like an actual female body.

This is all about the procedure linked with the reproductive part changes, while there are a few patients who want to change their look, in such cases, cosmetic surgeries are processed for breast formation and facial changes.

  • Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgery:

 During the surgical procedure of female-to-male sex reassignment surgery urethra is created for standing urination. Along with that, testicle implants are attached. This procedure takes around 4 to 5 hours and the recovery time is provided to the patients based on the final outcomes.

In this surgery, cosmetic surgical integrations, such as breast removal, facial changes, hair-related changes, and many more, are done. With the help of this, a female is reassigned as a male completely.


It’s important to understand the working and procedures linked with sex reassignment surgeries, which will give you a complete idea of everything you should keep in mind and be prepared for.

For professional sex change surgery, you can contact VJS Transgender Clinic.