Gender change Surgery

One of the stats has shown that around 39% of transgender men and 22% of women wish to become parents in the future. Many individuals prefer to get gender change surgery early in their life, even before they are at the stage to become parents. Those planning to begin the journey of female into Male or Male into female initially begin through the hormone treatment, and then they slowly get towards the surgical options as to what they prefer the most.

Being aware is important

So, for transgender individuals, it’s always essential to be aware of all options they have or how they can get the necessary change done in their lives. If you are about to start your journey from Male to female, then initially, it’s all-important to be completely aware of the same. Consulting the best fertility expert that all fertility prevention options do you have is essential to get the necessary further steps performed in the proper manner.

Which are the fertility presentation options for transgender?

Talking about the present time, the fertility preservation options are less at the moment. Being aware of everything is extremely important so that it’s easier for you to take all the necessary steps. In the present time, those undergoing sex reassignment surgery can preserve fertility through the option of:

  • Transgender Men: Oocyte Cryopreservation
  • Partnership: Embryo Cryopreservation
  • Transgender Women: Sperm Cryopreservation

It’s like the necessary protocol needs to be met effectively so that all the required steps are taken. To make sure that you get yourself the best technique, you need to visit one of the Best IVF centre in India and, under the expertise of the board-certified medical expert, make the necessary choice.

Is there any technique for the future?

On the theoretical basis, the cryopreserving gonadic tissue is the desired choice. But, it’s still on an experimental basis, and it will be seen in the future as to whether it will work. So, talking about the present time, this is not something that can be opted for as the fertility preservation method.

What are parental desires?

As mentioned above, even in transgender individuals the parental desires are noticed. No doubt the figure is still low, but that does not mean that it should not be considered the necessary choice. In such cases, the individuals can even benefit from options like surrogacy, conformation treatment, or checking the patient’s fertility to better know about the assisted reproduction method.

So, before you begin your gender confirmation surgery, you need to consult a fertility doctor about which fertility preservation method you should get and what’s the right way of doing that.

What’s the next step?

Starting your transgender journey should come with ease and without thinking about others. Whatever your preferences and desires are, you should feel free to choose the same.