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What questions trouble people when they opt for transgender surgeries?

Transgender surgery is the best option for individuals unsatisfied with their natural gender as per their behavior. Therefore, you must, thanks to the technology that confers you a transgender surgery by which you can after your whole body in your favorite choice of gender. For this, you can go for the Transgender Surgery in Vizag, where well-qualified doctors co-operate with you.

Additionally, If you want to turn your female body into a male one, then opt for the penis reconstruction in Vizag, where well-experienced and intelligent doctors perform the whole procedure, and you will obtain your favorite gender after undergoing this surgical procedure.

What do you understand about gender transformation surgery?

Sex reassignment surgery represents the surgical procedure under which all the sexual organs of a transgender person modifies into their desired gender. For example, if a person has a body and behaves like a girl, your transgender expert transforms your male body into a female’s body so you can obtain the same gender as your behavior. After having this procedure, you can start behaving as per your sex. Try Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag to satisfy your inner desire.

How is this procedure initiated?

After the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder (GID), you will recommend sex reassignment surgery. At the initial stage of this procedure, you may send for hormone treatment to alter your physical characteristics. These hormones are injected through injections that your doctor starts giving you at least before beginning your treatment. Simultaneously, you may pass to ancillary procedures like plastic surgery to modify your physical appearance and laser hair removal techniques to eliminate body hair.

Is it a complicated procedure?

It is a straightforward procedure that takes approximately four to five hours to complete the male-to-female transition under the one-step operation. However, to perform female-to-male transformation surgery, a patient must go through various stages that can attain more time than male-to-female surgery. Here, a team of five to six doctors comes in front to perform different tasks to complete the surgery successfully.

Is every person suitable for this procedure?

A person who meets all the eligibility criteria of this procedure can freely go for it. Even some hospitals only say yes to this surgery if you have achieved GID (Gender Identity Disorder)certificate from a valid institution. Deciding on transgender surgery is not a child’s play. You can only go for it after passing all the required tests. Even your doctor can send you for regular counseling sessions for eighteen months when you come to opt for the transgender procedure.

Can patients live an everyday life after having gender transformation surgery?

Yes, people with transgender procedures live their life like ordinary people. Even they get married and adopt children to make their life happy.



How to recover after undergoing Female to male transgender surgery?

This is the era of the 21st century; everyone wants to look perfect and more attractive among people to influence the opposite sexes. Therefore, individuals who are unsatisfied with their natural looks try to reform their bodies with available cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance. Some individuals like to opt for FTM Surgery in Andhra Pradesh who are not satisfied with their internal identity as per their external appearance.

To illustrate, you may see that some people have the body of females, but they behave like men and all their habits, dressing style, and interaction style are like men. So, to help these individuals, the transgender surgery clinic in Andhra Pradesh comes in front to get their desired gender and similar internal identity.

Define female to male transgender surgery?

This is a procedure in which your cosmetic experts help people attain their favorite method they feel comfortable with. With the help of surgical equipment, a doctor can turn your female-shaped body into a male-shaped body under general doses of anesthesia so that you will never feel any severe pain. All body features such as facial, breast, vaginal, stomach, etcetera are modified during the process.

Explain the various categories of the top surgery?

Top surgery has two subparts, these are:

  • Periareolar: At this phase, your cosmetic surgeon first makes a single circular cut around the areola, and another larger circular cut a couple of centimeters farther out from the first one. This type of surgery works well in the case of small breasts with little to no sag, hard nipple stalk, and sensation intact.
  • Double incision: Here, your doctor will form two horizontal cuts on the top and bottom of the pectoral muscle. In this procedure, it is necessary to modify nipples (eradicate the nipples so that they will stitch again in masculine shape), and sensation is lost. Opposite to the periareolar method, this is best for heavy and large breasts.

How can you recover after having top surgery?

Generally, you will fully recover from this procedure within six weeks, which the first three weeks are very acute. You must take holidays from your work and try to lay down at the 45-degree angle for the first week so that your stitches will not feel any stress.

  • Weeks 2-3: Here, you can take a bath, hold ten to fifteen pounds of weight, and indulge yourself in minor activities but take proper rest simultaneously so your wound will heal quickly.
  • Week 4-5: Here, your external wounds may almost heal and look like you are ready to include yourself in walking activities, but it recommends that your internal wounds will not heal ideally before six weeks, so you must take care of your chest. You can consume vitamin-E tablets or mass oil on your chest to massage it.
  • Week 6-8: You come back to your typical routine. You can do anything you want, like cycling, climbing and playing, etc. But before doing these activities, you must consult your doctor once so that they can remove your stitches and check all your body notations.

Do not forget to visit VJ’s Transgender Clinic if unsatisfied with your inner identity and outer body structure.


List of the top-rated transgender movies to watch for inspiration 2022

We live in the 21st century, but the transgender community is still not getting that presence as to what it deserves. No doubt a lot has been changed and gotten better with time, but there is a scope to do a lot more. Making the change is essential to help all those planning to begin gender change surgery. To make people aware of the same, more information must be gathered, and the focus should be shifted towards seeing all those things which tell about the transgender community. If you have someone you know getting the Male to female surgery or you getting one, you must be vocal and share the experience.

List of must-watch incredible transgender movies 2022

  • Disclosure

Disclosure is a revelatory documentary with a well-known team of actors, namely Sam Feder, Amy Scholder, and Laverne Cox. The documentary is all about how the media misinterprets the transgender community. Due to how a female into Male or vice versa, trans individuals have to face many struggles. The documentary is all about pointing towards how the industry needs to be held accountable.

  • Paris is Burning

For all the pose lovers, this movie should be watched right away. You get to experience the 80’s ballroom and, most importantly, all that drama through the film. But, the movie has an important message, too, regarding the transphobia, homophobia, and racism experienced by the community.

  • Ma Vie en Rose

Ma Vie en Rose is one of those films in which the story of someone’s journey is well told. This French movie is about a boy who is a girl. The movie genuinely depicts her story most beautifully despite not getting the approval of her loved ones.

  • Tangerine

Tangerine depicts the story of 2 trans women looking for someone who has done wrong to them. It’s one of the funny ways to get a close look at queer lives.

  • The Danish Girl

A Danish painter named Lili Elbe story is presented through the movies as she went through the journey of being a trans female. The film even shows the perfect angle of love, making it ideal for watching.

  • The Trans List

The Trans list movie includes a list of trans. The trans list is a documentary of 11 public figures and non-binary celebrities who share their stories and about their life.

  • Drunktown’s Finest

Drunktown’s Finest is the story of 3 people living on a Navajo reservation. One of them is a sex worker & a beautiful trans woman. Well! That’s not all; even the film is directed & written by a trans.

There are many other movies like Boys don’t Cry, Passing, Better than Chocolate, and the list goes on and on.

Final word!

Being transgender is not a shame, and those who come out should be respected as it takes a lot of courage. If you are thinking of starting your transgender journey, then get in touch with Dr. C Vijay Kumar to plan everything the right way.



The Stories Of Trans People And How They Broke The Society Norms

4 Famous Transgender Firsts In Their Fields in India

4 Famous Transgender Firsts In Their Fields in India, To get things done when you are not privileged is a markable thing. It is not ingrained in everyone’s mind to achieve an exceptional goal. People who are not accepted by society have more power and believe in themselves to show others that they are nothing to be feared of.

It is not a hidden fact that transgender is not as accepted in society like India as other communities are. The heterosexuals and their prominent oppression have made it hard, sometimes even impossible, for those who have undergone gender change surgery to excel in their particular field.

Thus we bring light to certain inspiring personalities and a path to find the right way for your success.

It is also necessary to add that success is not equal, and factors like their struggle would determine how they have fought for a simple thing like getting an education. So always believe that you are strong.

Transgender People Who Are Breaking The Barrier

  • Gauri Sawant: Worried about being a disappointment in the eyes of her family, she opted to run away from them at the tender age of 18. It is not easy to fight your struggle alone as she did each moment. As a human species, we tend to ask for constant support. This is why she supports the children and people who wanted to go ahead with a male to female or female into Male surgery by fighting for their rights. She is a very famous personality who has been vocal by serving counseling for trans people in her trust organization Sakshi Char Chowghi.
  • Sathyasri Sharmila: She is the very 1st trans person who has attained the seat of a lawyer. The education system makes it so much harder to achieve their dream degree. Still, she fought tooth and nail against it. Now, at the age of 36, she is in this field to fight for the injustice she has faced. It took her ten years to register herself as a lawyer. The society and its ability to kill their hopes did not linger with her. She woke up in 2018 to find a way to fight the atrocities against her community.
  • Joyita Mondal: In 2017, we saw a change in the jurisdiction by appointing her as the 1st judge in the Lok Adalat, a simple win but a life-changing moment for people who were losing hope. She proved to complete something that would help others win their fight. She has also been ever since very vocal about the reservation of trans people to give them an opportunity for representation.
  • Natasha Biswas: Breaking down the norms set by society, she not only participated in the beauty pageant for trans people but also became the winner. Even though she saw many problems in her life, starting from being abandoned by her family member, she still did not stop looking at the right side of her life.




Does The Organisation Provide Health Care Facilities To Transgender?

Accommodating the needs of the citizen is a top service of the government. We elect them to make our lives a little more comfortable and better, especially with the basic facilities, including education, healthcare, and many more.

But is it applicable for everyone?

It is indeed a tricky question that depends on the various layers of the situation. But in general, the government do try to provide a safe place for the citizen.

One of the communities is transgender, which faces a lot of backlash in society, thus making it more critical for the government to provide better facilities.

Health Care and Transgender

Does the health care system look after the gender change surgery? It mainly depends on the situation and the case post-section-377. There is still much more than the Indian government had to do to give transgender people a safe place. Though in some states, for example, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, there is some aid to female surgery of Male to female, 80% of the financial assistance is still not looked after.

NGOs And LGBTQ+ Organisation

It is much easier for people who want to opt for a gender change from female into Male or male to female but does not have any financial aid to support the decision to reach out to such NGOs or LGBTQ+ organization that works for the best iNterest of transgender na their development in the society.

Does Health Insurance Cover Gender-Affirming Surgery?

Yes, to an extent, they cover gender-changing surgery again; it depends on the case. But firstly, transgender does need to get an assertive declaration from the medical expert, which states they must undergo surgery.

Disclaimer: the claim on the financial aid by the health insurance depends on the individual organization and their beliefs which would make the accessibility easy or hard accordingly. The above-stated line does not reflect what they could provide during gender change surgery.

Protection Available By The Government For The Transpeople

September 6, 2018, has been a life-changing day for many people. It has been an announcement of freedom for the LGBTQ+ community. The government of India has struck down article 377, which criminalized gay sex. It has not been a complete win for the community’s people but rather a start towards a better journey.

The inclusion of the other genders in the government paper has been an excellent start to accepting the community. However, there is still a lot to fight and win, but the start has begun and made it more plausible for people to fight for their rights.

Acceptance in The Society

Though politically inclusion has been started for whatever reason, the acceptance in the society would eradicate the evil. Educating the new generation and making the older one understand to accept LGBTQ+ is the key to overcoming such problems and making the place safer and secure for the transgender.


What are the different symptoms experienced with gender dysphoria?

Gender Dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria is an important part of undergoing gender reassignment surgery. It is the kind of discomfort that an individual experiences when their gender is different as compared to what they already have. In simple terms, it is the concern regarding the physical characteristics. 

Such feeling is experienced in transgender and those who are not confirmed about their gender. In many cases, there is no need for physical evaluation but at times it is needed. Through this evaluation, a person’s discomfort is addressed as compared to identity. It is about giving them an effective treatment plan to make them feel better about their condition. 

Symptom of gender dysphoria 

  • A person feels the desire that it is better to have secondary characteristics
  • A person feels the desire to be another gender than what they are
  • An individual desires to be treated differently just the way another gender is treated

Before the doctor proceeds with the gender change surgery, this is evaluated to better understand whether the person is ready to undergo such a huge change or not. 

It is noticed that a person starts having such feelings in their childhood and then it continues even in their adulthood phase. 

Schedule your initial consultation

If you are experiencing such feelings and you are in a dilemma about what to do or how to deal with this situation. Dr. C Vijay Kumar will help you get answers to all your questions and plan the most effective treatment for you. 


How much is the total cost of gender change surgery in India?

As we all know sex-change surgery is complex and there are different steps involved in it. One of the common concerns among the patients is the cost of gender change surgery. Bear in mind the price for the gender change surgery cost will depend on your needs which the doctor will evaluate after checking your condition. 

Psychiatrist evaluations for Gender Dysphoria

When you are about to begin your transition process, you will be asked to get gender dysphoria which a psychiatrist will carry out. Usually, it is carried out in one single sitting, and depending on your condition you will be asked whether you need to get further treatment or not. One session of ‘Gender Dysphoria’ on average is around Rs 2000 but it will also depend on the surgeon you choose and where it is present. 

Hormonal therapy for gender change surgery

Once the evaluation is done, the doctor will proceed with hormonal therapy. This is given for around 6 months and such visits will cost you Rs 5000/-. The transition of male to female or female to male needs proper planning. The hormones have to be taken rapidly so that the transition is possible just the way you want. Once the hormonal therapy is done you will be asked to visit the clinic again to get the clearance that you are ready to undergo the surgery. 

Schedule your initial consultation

If you would like to know more about the gender change surgery then schedule your initial consultation with our surgeon. Don’t get worried or feel nervous, as our surgeon is only there to give you the satisfactory and desired results you want. 


Everything you need to know about the gender reassignment surgery

Gender Affirmation or Sex Reassignment Surgery

Gender change surgery or affirmations surgery is for the individuals who feel the need to get the transition. From top to bottom, gender reassignment surgery can help the transgender to feel better about themselves and get the body they always wished for. Even the studies have shown that through gender reassignment surgery the patient’s mental health even gets better. 

What is meant by sex reassignment surgery?

Sex reassignment surgery is the way to transform individuals to feel confident about themselves. Be it male to female or female to male with the surgical approach everything is possible. Here are the types of transgender surgery:

  • During facial reconstruction, the facial features are improved whether you wish to have a feminine or masculine look. 
  • Top surgery allows the individuals to improve their masculine look or get the desired breast size & shape. 
  • Bottom surgery includes all the reconstruction of the genitals.

Is there any treatment for gender dysphoria?

Apart from surgery, there are other options as not everybody chooses to get the surgery. As per your liking and needs, you can get the best possible option by consulting the doctor. Here are some of the options which you can choose:

  • Hormone therapy
  • Puberty blockers block the phase of puberty
  • Voice therapy is given which helps you with your communication skills

Although many studies have shown that individuals’ quality of life will improve with gender change surgery. 

How is gender reassignment surgery beneficial?

With transgender surgery, the patients enjoy long-term health benefits. One of the studies has pointed out that the need for mental health treatment has been reduced by 8% in the individuals who have undergone gender reassignment surgery.