Sex reassignment surgery

Gender Change Surgery in India

The transgender experience comes with something that’s extremely different and comes with a care-free approach. The thought of not having the desired gender assigned to them at birth can complicate everything. And to deal with this thinking, the individuals go down the road of Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag to make sure what they feel internal; they can look the same from the outside.

No doubt, taking the desired step comes with all different responsibilities. Additionally, several questions can come to mind when you want to begin the process. Indeed! It’s about having positive effects and ensuring the right surgical procedure is opted for. And the blog talks you through the list of FAQs about sex reassignment surgery answered by the medical experts at one of the leading transgender surgery clinic in Andhra Pradesh.

FAQs about the Sex reassignment surgery

Should I start hormone therapy before gender change?

Hormone replacement therapy means taking hormones like estrogen to begin the MTF journey. It’s the transition that allows the individual to have desired physical appearance. Although, hormone therapy can be used before, during, and after the surgical transition to effectively make the gender change go.

Are there effects of estrogen hormone?

The estrogen holds its properties, which serve its purpose for males and females. It holds the property to reduce male features and boost female features. Moreover, It can reduce the sex drive and lead to several mood swings. Some of the known effects that it can leave are:

  • Breast development

  • Loss of erection

  • Decreased muscle mass and strength

  • Softer and smoother skin

  • Shrinkage of testicles,

  • Decreased acne

  • Decreased facial and body hair

  • Slowing of balding

  • Helps to redistribute fat from the abdomen to the buttocks, thighs, & hips

Do I need to take additional steps to prepare for SRS with Hormone therapy?

No doubt, proper understanding, and planning are worth everything. You should know about the risk factors, side effects, type of operation, and necessary steps to perform surgery. Most importantly, get the mental health evaluation test as told by the surgeon.

Should I keep a time gap between SRS and hormone therapy?

Make sure to keep a time gap of at least one year to begin SRS after the HT. Additionally, two years after the mental health evaluation. It’s difficult to term the total time it takes a number of factors will make the difference in time factors:

  • Total procedure requires

  • Recovery time

  • And much more

You can discuss with the surgeon if any two procedures should be combined. The said approach allows for reducing the recovery time and complications. Discuss with your surgeon if it’s possible to combine any procedure.

What is the quality of life after SRS?

One research has shown that a person’s overall quality of life improves after sex reassignment surgery. Around 94% to 100% of patients feel surgical satisfaction and zeal to enjoy their overall life better. Moreover, it’s the support and cares the patients get throughout the treatment journey.

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