Gender change Surgery

Having struggled with gender identity is a lifelong conflict that leads to difficult times with anxiety, depression, and other symptoms which might indicate gender dysphoria. Hence the rapid grwoth of Sex reassignment surgery in Tamilnadu.

If you want to transition yourself from the assigned gender to the desired gender, it is necessary for you to undergo medical intervention along with Transgender Surgery in Telangana. This decision might help you improve your overall quality of life.

It is generally a very extensive surgery that might generate a lot of doubts and questions about the whole ordeal. And it is necessary that you ask out all the questions from the surgeon beforehand to have a better understanding.

In this blog, we have written down some important questions that you must ask your doctor.

Essential Questions To Ask Your Surgeon

  • Who is the right candidate for gender-affirming surgery?

The patients who are suitable for MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh or FTM surgery are those who have already undergone some transitions themselves, including hormonal therapy. They are also living their life as per the preferred gender in their daily life.

There are also candidates who want to go to the bottom surgeries that have already undergone a less complicated top surgery such as face, chest, and abdomen before the genital reconstruction. Our surgeons also give consultancy to the patient and also contact their healthcare provider and other primary healthcare physicians before confirming the surgery.

With the help of this expert collaboration, the doctor makes sure that the whole operation is appropriate and safe for the patient. It also helps in receiving the best results.

Please note: that the results will not be the same for different patients with the same surgeries because of different requirements. Make sure to have a clear and real expectation before the surgery.

With different needs, our doctor makes sure to modify the procedure to give the best outcome. Hence it is your duty to enclose each detail of your underlying health condition, requirements, and other data beforehand.

  • What are your qualifications and credentials?

It is an essential question that, most of the time, people hesitate to ask their doctor. But it is not only your right but a way to ensure that you are under the guidance of the right candidate.

Gender reassignment surgery is becoming more prevalent in this society. So it is natural to notice a lot of surgeons who perform reconstruction and plastic surgery. Hence it is your duty to ensure that you select a qualified doctor skilled and well-versed with the new technology.

That is why it is necessary to ask for credentials, including the certifications by an authorized institute.

  • What is the cost of transgender surgery?

The cost of gender reassignment surgery varies from one case to another. On average, the male-to-female surgery will cost you around 2 to 5 lakh. Whereas on the other hand, the female-to-male surgery might cost you about 4 to 8 lakh. Other factors that might dictate the prices are the requirements and the complication.