male to female

Male to female gender change surgery

The MTF sex-change surgery is one of the most appropriate ways of helping individuals get the desired physical features. The transition journey can be tough, but all things are easily manageable with the right assistance and expertise.

Indeed! It’s about positively impacting mental health and ensuring the female characteristics stand out. Everyone decides how they would like to undergo male to female surgery in Andhra Pradesh to have that desired improved look. If you want to undergo sex-change surgery, here are the necessary procedures you can choose.

Bottom surgeries


When you visit one of the leading transgender clinic in India, you are in a state to build your outer and inner labia through the penis and scrotum skin. Moreover, the foreskin tissue is used for creating vaginal opening and urethra for urination and clitoris. After surgery for six months, it’s necessary to dilate the vagina for 2 to 3 days. It means lubricating the vagina for 2 to 3 minutes.


During vulvoplasty, the surgeon uses tissue from the penis to create the external vaginal part. If you choose to get vulvoplasty, it’s not possible to have vaginal intercourse, and you need to stay in hospital for three days.


The orchiectomy removes testicles, is performed under local anesthesia, and takes 20 minutes. Undergoing the procedure helps the testosterone production to go down and helps you be at ease with your hormone regime. Moreover, recovery does not take much effort, and you can return to your normal self on time.

Additional procedures

Facial feminization surgery

Facial feminization surgery helps you have feminine features. The procedure helps to reshape the cheekbones, lips, chin, jaw, and forehead. Additionally, it’s also about considering individual goals and getting the treatment done.

Breast augmentation

Breast development is another essential part of gender change surgery. Take advantage of an implant or fat transplant to enhance your breast and add volume. Discuss the necessary treatment plan with your doctor.

Voice feminization surgery

The vocal pitches of both males and females are different. So, addressing that change in vocal cord treatment can benefit the individuals. Undergoing vocal feminization helps to improve your overall pitch. 

Tracheal shave

The tracheal shave helps to reduce Adam’s apple size to make it more feminine. The procedure helps to make small incisions and perform the necessary surgery.

Buttock enhancement

Buttock enhancement helps to give the desired shape to the buttocks by doing advanced techniques like implants or fat grafting. The procedure will help you have an hourglass figure.

Final comments

If you would like to know more, then schedule your initial consultation under the expertise of Dr. C Vijay Kumar at VJ’s Transgender Clinic to begin the most beautiful transformation of your life. Feel free to discuss any doubt that comes to your mind.