Gender change Surgery

Taking big decisions in your life, like gender affirmation surgery, can be a little complicated. That is why you would constantly require some sort of guidance throughout the procedure.

If you want to go for a male to female surgery, there would be many questions inside your head about the before and after the process.

That is why we are here tio help you out with some common doubts that people have when they decide to undergo gender change surgery.

What Kind Of Care Should Transgender People Expect?

Before you start the procedure of female into Male or vice versa surgery, we highly recommended reading the standard healthcare program made by an international organization for transgender health by using new scientific studies done on transgender healthcare. This would help the doctors to understand and achieve the best result in the unique healthcare needs of trans people or gender non-conforming people. It would be very appreciable if you chose a clinic that would refer to similar healthcare standards.

Is It Possible To Have Children After Gender Affirming Surgery?

Discuss all kinds of options available for you to meet your needs. As there are many transgender people who plan to have a biological child in their future goals. They could opt for preserving their eggs or sperm before the gender change surgery through a sperm bank and egg freezing. Plan the best for you with the doctor’s guidance at VJ’s Transgender Clinic.

How To Prepare Oneself Before The Transgender Affirming Surgery?

Apart from physically preparing yourself for the gender change surgery, you would also have to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself before going further with the gender-affirming procedure. Try to talk to people who have gone through the same journey and would be able to advise you with their real-life experience. You could also try to speak to a counselor and help yourself be mentally calm or under the dysphoria of gender to cultivate for the surgery with an honest mindset. Having good support from your family or friends would quickly help you win any situation. If you are alone in this journey, having faith in yourself would vividly build up your strength.

What To Expect After Gender Affirming Surgery?

After the surgical aspects of your gender change surgery have been finished, the doctor would recommend you go for a physician to follow up with your daily healthcare. They could also provide you with a custom plan that would easily meet your required needs for better health after the surgery. Apart from that, you would also be recommended to visit a urologist or gynecologist depending on what kind of surgery you have undergone for a regular check-up of cancer screening.

Apart from the health factor, you might also consider further changing your name and identification. All your paperwork would have to be sorted out after the surgery.