Various factors are considered when the talk is about getting a surgical procedure. In most cases, the individuals prefer to look online in search to get their answers. No doubt, at times, it makes them informed, but it’s true not everything you read on the net is true to the knowledge. For example, if you plan to get the female into Male sex-change surgery, then make an informed decision by consulting the medical expert. One such procedure is ‘Circumcision, ‘which comes under cosmetic surgery. You read several myths and facts over the net revolving around this topic.


Are you planning to head towards this cosmetic surgery?

Read the given article to familiarize yourself with the Myths and Facts of Circumcision.

Brief Information on Circumcision Myth & Facts 

Circumcision is a surgical method to take out the excess foreskin on the top part of the penis. Usually, it’s done on the infant, but the benefit can be obtained even in adult age.

Myth: Circumcision can only be classified as a cosmetic treatment

Fact: The surgical approach might point out a cosmetic change. But, there is no need to outweigh the medical benefits. Studies have revealed that ‘Undergoing circumcision reduces the risk of getting diagnosed with penile cancer.’

So, Don’t you think this procedure benefits your overall health? As the Circumcision allows to:

  • Clean the penis easily
  • Reduced risk of urinary tract infection
  • Reduced risk of inflammatory skin conditions

Moreover, the chances of having zipper injuries are higher in those who have not gotten Circumcision.

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Myth: Undergoing Circumcision can affect the sexual performance

Fact: Circumcision is not going to affect the erection part, as well as sexual performance, do not get down. Even in circumcision men, the sexual pleasure is also the same.

One thing worth noting down is:

Getting Circumcision on time can reduce the chances of STDs in the future. Not just that, but the risk of herpes, syphilis, and HPV (Human papillomavirus) decreases.

Do you think the health benefits of Circumcision are just for Male?


Even women are benefited…HOW?

Studies have shown that ‘The chances of cervical cancer is reduced as the risk of HPV gets down.’

Myth: Let your child decide when he wants to get Circumcision

Fact: The longer the wait, the increased chances of complications. Don’t let this thing be left on your child. If you do so, then the risk is higher & it will even take more time for recovery.

As mentioned above, the risk of urinary tract infection reduces. Getting the surgery done early will make it easier to follow the after-care regime and get the results on time.

Myth: Circumcision surgery increases chances of injury

Fact: Being an advanced surgical method, the cases of injury are rare. The only and most important consideration is to choose a skilled medical expert who knows the right approach to do the surgery.