Gender change Surgery

Being A Transgender

Having a different gender than the majority of people is not a sin. You have the full right to appreciate your beauty and body. However, if you are not satisfied with the gender that you have from birth, it is possible to change it by undergoing Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh. Doesn’t it sound like magic? Well, this is not magic; this is the realm of advanced medical science that has made changing one’s gender possible.

You need to visit a well-known transgender clinic as the surgery involves complexity. Hence only a well-experienced surgeon is capable of providing you with ideal results. However, there are some essential factors one must know before going for a Sex Change Surgery in Vizag.

Essential Factors That Influence This Surgery

In order to have a high success rate in your gender change surgery, you have to keep the below-listed things in mind.

  • Health State

You have to be in good health and can only go for this surgery or any other complex surgical treatment. Doctors might advise you not to undergo this surgery if you have any disease. Your bad health condition can interfere with the results of surgery. Things that you should do to be assured of your good health are

  • Blood Test

  • Check BP and Sugar Level

  • Check constipation

  • Check Mental Health

  • Medical History

As well as the current health state, past medications can also influence this surgery. In case you are on drugs or have been on medications recently, you need to consult the doctor to know your eligibility for this surgical procedure. You have to report about even simple medicines that you take if you want to receive adequate healthcare service. Consider taking the following things with you, if you have them, during the appointment.

  • Medicines

  • Medical Report

  • Current Medicine Description

  • Surgery In Past

You need to tell the doctor about the surgery that you underwent recently or a long time ago. It is likely that you will have marks of incisions due to that surgery. In that case, sex change surgical treatment is hard to perform if those incisions are extensive or fatal.

  • Your Age

You need to be of that age that meets the eligibility criteria for this surgery. Just being more than 18 years old won’t make you eligible for this operation. Kindly ask the doctor whether you can undergo gender change surgery at this age.

  • Medical Equipment

Getting the sex change operation at the clinic equipped with advanced medical tools & machines can boost the success rate. As surgeons need to make incisions & cuts, so the tools they use have to be in good working condition and of the latest model.

  • Surgeon’s Expertise

You don’t need to be concerned about the final results of the surgery if your surgeon is highly qualified and has years of experience. Such skilled surgeons are highly proficient in carrying out even complex operations with ideal results.

Where To Get Gender Change Surgery

One of the most reliable clinics is Vj’s Transgender Clinic. We will give you correct guidance regarding your eligibility as well as ensure adequate surgery.