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What is the gender recognition certification act? What does it include?

Gender Recognition Act

The gender recognition Act started in 2004, and it’s a pathway for individuals who want to seek gender change. The certificate acts as proof of your gender. So, even if you have undergone SRS Surgery in Vizag or not, you can apply for the same if you have been living for life as per the gender of your own choice for the last two years.

Additionally, the process of applying for the certificate is even hassle-free, as all the necessary documents and affidavits can be uploaded online. Once that’s done, then comes the waiting time for approval by the district magistrate. If you are thinking about getting Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh to make yourself get the desired look and get your self-confidence elevated. So, the choice of surgery, applying the recognition certification act, and all other factors come in handy to enjoy your journey with ease.

Analyze the concept of gender recognition certificate

Gender recognition certificates include an altogether different concept by choosing different points. So, here’s what the major focus is being put upon:

  • The person can feel discomfort or uneasiness due to the biological sex and gender identity is not linked to one another. Considering everything, it’s essential that the person is allowed to live the life they wish.
  • Moreover, seeking the desired gender identity even allows one to obtain the benefit of hormonal counseling and therapeutic services. It’s important to have proper communication with one another and create the right level of understanding to attain the necessary results.

Operations of Law for Gender Recognition Act, 2004

The Gender Recognition Act of 2004 comes in handy for the person to protect them from harassment or any kind of injustice. The main aim of the act is to help the person live their life freely and not let anyone bother them. The certificate is the means to attain freedom and enjoy life while going through the gender change process.

Most importantly, the process of gender change surgery and the entire process have continuous supervision offered by expert doctors. The certificate acts as a protection against social or economic injustice. No doubt, a lot has been done by the Indian government to make an easy pathway for those going through the gender change procedure. Just make sure to get the required supervision from an experienced medical practitioner to make the entire journey smooth and much more manageable.

How to get the gender recognition certificate act?

To seek the gender recognition certificate act, some of the essential points that you need to follow are:

  • Individuals of age 18 years or above can apply for the certificate.
  • The requirements of the major documents like birth certificate and adoption certificate (if adopted).
  • To get the certificate, it’s essential to submit the application form, affidavit, and psychiatrist report,
  • To get the same, it’s important to wait for a time period of at least one year and, in the given frame, should get involved in any kind of unwanted practices.

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Male to female transgender surgery: How to prepare for transition journey?

MTF Gender change surgery

The transition from MTF (Male To Female Surgery) is an important decision you must take with the right approach and planning. Indeed! When you plan for the approach of Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, it does give you a lot of confidence to look at the way you feel inside. It’s like the reflection of what you feel.

Gender change surgery – A life-changing experience

The choice of Sex Change Surgery in Vizag is effective in every sense, as it gives you self-confidence and zeal to live your life the way you wished for. Transformation is the way to make the journey better. So, it’s best that you consult the best cosmetic surgeon to attain the procedure in a successful and manageable manner. When you get the expertise of a skilled and trained surgeon, it helps you stay informed all the time. Additionally, you can understand better what to expect and how to deal with everything.

Procedures performed for a male to female gender change

Transgender is altogether a different and unique experience. Therefore as you begin the journey, this will make everything settled down with ease and comfort. The journey of male-to-female transition includes a number of procedures to attain the feminine look.

  • Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical approach to adding breast implants that are an important part of achieving a feminine look. The procedure comes under the feminine look for top surgery.

  • Facial feminization surgery

Facial feminization surgery focuses on correcting the feminine look through surgical methods. With FFS, different methods are including like:

  • Nose job surgery
  • Forehead or brow lift
  • Jawline contouring
  • Lip augmentation
  • Cheek implants


  • Laser hair removal

If you are concerned about the hair on your body, then you can begin the journey of laser hair removal to address the situation. The approach allows for to safe and permanent removal of all the hair. Depending on which body parts you want to get addressed, you can consult the cosmetic surgeon and plan the journey. Thus it is an important part of gender change surgery.

Prepare yourself for MTF surgery

Once you have discussed with the surgeon, you want to get the so-and-so procedure you need to begin the medical transition process. That means preparing yourself by having all the necessary resources and taking care of yourself properly. It’s better to keep all things handy so that during recovery, you don’t encounter any problems.

Are you looking for a surgeon to get gender change surgery?

In that case, VJ’s Transgender Clinic is your one-stop destination to attain the successful and most manageable journey for gender change. Discuss all your concerns and doubt with Dr. C Vijay Kumar and begin the exciting & beautiful transformation for gender change MTF.

Gender change Surgery male to female Transgender

How gender transformation surgery changes the lives of people?

There is no doubt that gender transformation nowadays is widely accepted by people compared to previous years. If we talk about the earlier years, individuals took transgender people as a stigma in their society. They abused them and even beat them. However, these days, nothing is happening like this. The government also supports these people and confers their identity. As a result, they can live their life like other people who are straight by sexuality. Moreover, a special thanks to the latest technology that offers advanced treatment options such as surgical procedures under which transgender people or masses who are unhappy with their birth gender can turn it into the preferable gender that they like, and after that, they will feel happy and satisfied. We feel glad to tell this that now, you can transform your sexuality into your desirable gender under transgender surgery in Andhra Pradesh at the top-rated hospital.

Define transgender

There may still be some people who do not know about transgender and its meaning. But we make sure, after reading this post, you will understand everything profoundly. So what is transgender? Well, transgender people are those who do not bear under straight gender identity or may behave like a girl, but their body seems boy or behaves like a boy, but their body belongs to a girl. These people are famous worldwide as the transgender community.

Furthermore, gender identity refers to the person’s inner sense by which anybody can understand from which group (male or female) you belong. Gender expressions include how a person behaves, communicates, hairstyling, clothing, body features, etcetera. Since the government of India legally accepted them into society, they live with a positive attitude, and people’s behavior is also changed towards them. Now, they can do jobs like others, read and write in educational institutions, and so on.

What kind of treatment will you get under transgender surgery?

Under gender-affirming surgery, transgender masses can alter their bodies to align with their preferred gender. Cosmetic surgeons will treat your face, chest, or genitalia during transgender surgery. A transgender surgery has some common fragments, as given below:

  • Genital or “Bottom” surgery: to transform and reconstruct the genitalia (such as the penis and vagina).
  • Chest or “Top” surgery: to alleviate breast tissue for a more masculine look or enhance breast size and shape for a more feminine appearance.
  • Facial reconstructive surgery: During this procedure, your facial features or characteristics turn masculine or feminine.

Why should people opt for transgender surgery?

Well, transgender surgery is no less than a boon for people struggling with unwanted gender since birth or gender dysphoria. The main motive of sex change surgery is to confer a person’s desirable body that matches the internal sense. Following are the benefits that people get after having transgender surgery. These are:

  • It improves your mental health.
  • You will become more concentrated on your goals.
  • Social stigma ended.
  • You become more confident among people.
  • Get tremendous respect while dealing with crowds.

In conclusion, the government also stimulates transgender people towards surgeries by offering the best offers, such as Kerala’s government providing free transgender surgery to the people so that they can get their desired figure and live happy and healthy lives.


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Everything you need to know about feminizing surgery for gender change

Gender-Affirming Surgery

For individuals planning for gender change surgery, the important part is to feminize the entire body. So, it’s not just the body function but the entire look that is a part of gender-affirming surgery. When you plan for the Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh, you should discuss all your concerns with the surgeon who is expert and skilled to handle everything with precision. No doubt, the decision is yours on how you would like your gender change surgery plan to go. In all, you are in a position to get your gender affirmation surgery planned in a precise manner.

Types of feminizing surgery for gender change

When you plan for Sex Change Surgery in Vizag, you have two different choices on which sort of surgery you would like to undergo. So, for the feminine body, you can choose the surgery from the two options:

  • Top surgery

In top surgery, one of the procedures you can get is fuller breasts. So, depending on what changes you want, talk to the surgeon and plan the entire process.

  • Bottom surgery

The bottom surgery is for the removal of the penis and testicles. Other than that feminizing look even creates the creation of labia, vagina, and other reproductive parts.

The procedure of bottom and top surgery

Depending on your treatment plan, the doctor will help you prepare for the surgery. Bear in mind that before and after care are crucial for the overall success of gender change. For example:

If the treatment plan includes breast augmentation, then initially, the size will be discussed, and accordingly, the process will be done. The doctor will make the incision in the desired place to ensure the incision is placed where it’s not visible directly.

On the other hand, if there’s bottom surgery, then the approach of penectomy and orchiectomy is performed. There’s a possibility of combining the procedures to increase the overall success rate and make the downtime period less. You can discuss the same with the surgeon to prepare yourself well in advance to begin the journey of having a feminizing look. You can even get vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, and clitoroplasty.

Are there any risks of gender change surgery?

With any surgical procedure, there are a few risk factors. Therefore, it’s important to address the same well on time. With the expertise of the medical doctor, you will get to know which treatment plan is appropriate for you to undergo and what possible risk factors can come along with the same. The possible risk factors are:

  • Scar tissue formation
  • Slight need to perform the surgery again if the results are not desirable or it seems to look not right
  • Bleeding
  • The vagina is small to perform sexual intercourse
  • The urethra or vagina is narrow or seems to have the closure
  • Bladder problem or bladder infection

Get to know the facts about gender change surgery

To seek all the minute yet imperative details about planning the gender change surgery, you need to schedule an initial consultation at Vj’s Transgender Clinic. Feel free to discuss all your concerns.

Gender change Surgery Sex reassignment surgery Transgender

Sex Reassignment Surgery: What It Is And Its Different Types?

What Is Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Sex Reassignment Surgery, or Sex Change Surgery in Vizag, is a procedure that helps people change themselves to their identified gender. Nowadays, people prefer to use the terms gender affirmation or confirmation surgery to describe gender change surgery. It sounds more inclusive and positive.

Why Do People Undergo Gender Affirmation Surgery?

The biggest reason behind undergoing gender change surgery is that people are unable to associate themselves with the designated gender by birth. Basically, when their physical body does not match the gender, they identify with. It is an extensive surgery with many steps and precautions before the doctor conducts the treatment.

What Is The Difference Between Non-binary And Transgender?

The term transgender describes someone who identifies with a different gender than the assigned sex at birth.

Whereas gender nonbinary is someone who does not fit any traditional notions from the male or female category. People from both categories can opt for a Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag if they want to.

What Are The Types OF Transgender Surgery?

With the help of a Gender Affirming surgery, any transgender person would be able to transfer themselves to the desired gender identity. There are various procedures that one goes through based on their needs and desires. Some of the processes include the face, genital, and chest.

Common transgender surgery options include:

  1. Facial Reconstructive surgery: it helps you get a facial feature that resonates with the designated gender, either feminine or masculine.
  2. Top or chest surgery: this procedure helps remove the extra breast tissue to get a more masculine appearance. It also enables you to enhance the size of the breast to get a more feminine look.
  3. Bottom or genital surgery: it is a surgery that transforms or constructs the genital area to the gender they identify with.

Is There Any Other Surgery Apart From Gender Change Surgery For Gender Dysphoria?

No! The gender Affirmation procedure is not limited to only surgery. In fact, not everyone who identifies themselves as transgender undergoes surgery. Based on your age and preferences, people might also choose:

  • Hormone therapy

It helps increase the characteristics of masculine or feminine as per your description. Some attributes include vocal tunes, hair growth on the body, and much more.

  • Puberty blockers

This helps you prevent going through puberty and build the characteristics of masculinity and femininity.

  • Voice therapy

This procedure helps you adjust your tone or voice to help with communication skills while associating with the gender you are identifying with. This also helps you introduce yourself with the designated pronouns easily.

Besides that, people might also socially transfer themselves to the gender they resonate with, through surgery or without surgery. These are some of the common social transitions that you might adapt to.

  1. You might adopt a new name
  2. You might choose different pronouns
  3. Present yourself as per the gender you desire by wearing different clothing or changing your hairstyles.
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What Is The Legal Procedure For Gender Change Surgery In India?

Indian citizens have the right to choose their gender legally, irrespective of their caste, race, gender or creed. If an individual feels that they do not associate with the given or birth gender, they can decide to undergo a Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh. Technically such people are known as transsexuals. They opt for medical assistance to attain that look apart from their style and behaviour.

But it is not an easy task; there are criteria and a procedure that you would have to follow before the surgery. Doctors and professionals such as psychiatrists will perform several tests to determine if they are the perfect candidate for such drastic change.

Let us learn about this in detail to help you in the process.

What Is the Legal Procedure for Gender Change Surgery In India?

We have listed a step-by-step procedure for legally proceeding with the procedure of Sex reassignment surgery in Vizag.

  • You would have to create a gender change affidavit.

After you have finalized that you want to undergo gender transformation, the first thing you should do is prepare an affidavit that would declare the change of gender and name (make sure if the authority requires it or not). Besides that, the affidavit must also adhere to the format the department of publication has prescribed. The affidavit must state your name, father’s name, address, age and gender. You should also note that all the details mentioned in the affidavit must match the supporting identity proof document. You must also print the affidavit on stamp paper and also notarize it.

  • You should publish an advertisement.

The second step you must follow for a legal gender change procedure is to place an advertisement in a leading newspaper in your residing city as per your supporting address proof documents. You can place the advertisement in the regional or national newspaper. However, ensure that the newspaper advertisement’s content is the same as mentioned in the affidavit.

  • Gazette Procedure

This is a step in which you would achieve to file the duly signed application along with the mandatory documents. You would also have to pay the required government fees at the time of filing. A gazette is nothing but an official magazine that the government publishes. And every central and state government has their own version of gazettes. You can easily notify in any of the gazettes. However, some government authorities might ask you to notify the central government gazette. Typically an Individual can publish the public advertisement or notices in Part IV of the central government gazette.

  • Gazette publication

After submission of the application, the authority will read and review the gender change notification application. After they get the necessary approval from the department, they will further proceed to publish the same in the government e-gazette. This process might take up to 40 to 60 business days for the gender change notification to appear in the e-gazette. The authority publishes the gazette every Saturday. One can easily download it from the official website.


Gender change Surgery

Make the most of the top surgery for the gender change procedure

Gender change surgery

Top surgery is an important part of those planning for the transgender approach. The procedure aims to alleviate confidence by focusing on changing the person’s overall appearance. For the ones planning to begin with trans women, the procedure can include feminine breast surgery, chest construction, breast mammoplasty, Chin Contouring In Vizag, and much more.

With top surgery, it’s like doing the procedure that helps to increase overall confidence. The methods and approach to Gender change surgery in Andhra Pradesh are satisfying & easy to manage. Top surgery for transgender aims to help increase their confidence. If you don’t feel good about yourself with the gender assigned to you during birth then begin with sex change surgery.

What are the reasons for top surgery in gender change?

Transgender women and non-binary people are looking for top surgery to address the discomfort or stress. Most importantly, hormone therapy helps to stimulate breast growth to get the necessary results for attaining the desired breast size. For transgender surgery the criteria require a different approach:

  • Persistent and proper documentation of everything

  • Make a well-informed decision and make sure to seek proper consent to begin the treatment plan

  • It’s essential to get your overall health checked so that there’s the only issue

  • The person should be of the ideal age so that he or she can make the necessary decision to start the treatment journey.

If you only want to begin hormone therapy, then make sure to make the necessary decision accordingly. If there’s any concern or doubt, then better get clarity over the same by the doctor.

Be mindful of the risk factors

It’s essential to be mindful of the adverse effects. Although the procedure has advanced with time, that makes it easier to manage the side-effects. Some of the possible complications that can occur during your gender change surgery plan are:

  • Solid swelling of clotted blood that forms within the tissues

  • Breast pain

  • Scar tissue that can affect the breast implant shape adversely

  • Fluid begins to accumulate that is present beneath the skin

  • The implant are displaced, infected, or leaked

  • Seeing dissatisfaction in terms of surgery appearance

It’s essential to know all about the necessary complications, and proper steps required against the same. Otherwise, there’s a possibility the problem can get worse over time.

Look for the expertise of the cosmetic surgeon

When you plan the journey of gender change, it’s essential to get the best of everything. The expertise of the cosmetic surgeon is essential so that what results you are looking for are attained. The expert surgeon not just knows the right approach but ensures to follow all the advanced methods and techniques. If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon, then schedule an initial consultation at Vj’s Transgender Clinic plan everything the right way. In case there’s any doubt on your mind, then make sure to discuss the same.

female into male Gender change Surgery

Understand The Approach For A Female To Male Sex Change Surgery

Female to male sex change surgery

Having that zeal to do the best in life comes from feeling comfortable about yourself. But, sometimes, that confidence level can be too low because of their gender according their feelings. Earlier, people used to stay silent about their gender identity thinking that others would make fun of them or judge them based on their feelings. However, that’s the talk of the past, and now you can get yourself privileged through the advanced approach for Sex Change Surgery in Vizag.

Sex reassignment surgery: Female to male transformation

Gender affirmation surgery has started to get much attention over time because of the new and advanced approach. Modern medicine has graciously accepted the challenge of offering a successful and effective transition through different methods. So, whether you wish to get top surgery to be masculine or want the bottom surgery, including the Genital Reconstruction in Vizag, the cosmetic surgeon’s expertise can offer the same.

FTM surgery: Different approaches combined for better results

  • Metoidioplasty

With FTM, the metoidioplasty converts the clitoris to penis smoothly. At first, the clitoris need enlargement through hormone therapy i.e. testosterone. A thorough approach makes the entire princess work smoothly. The main aim of the procedure is to help result in erectile tissue presence just like the natural one.

  • Scrotoplasty

Scrotoplasty is an important sex change surgery. The procedure requires to form the scrotum. If required, testicular implants are inserted. You can talk to the surgeon about the same.

Please Note!

The clitoris size can be increased to the extent of making sexual intercourse better. If you have any specific thoughts on your mind, please make sure to discuss the same with the cosmetic surgeon during initial consultation.

  • Phalloplasty

For transmale who desire a large penis can choose phalloplasty. The procedure demands intricate details to take desired amount of skin graft to form the penis.

In some cases, the individuals can get scrotoplasty to increase the urethra length and help the penis form the desired route.

Which one is better?

No doubt, every procedure has its method of working. But, yes, metoidioplasty allows for providing erection capabilities with better sensation. Moreover, the penis size gets enlarged, leading to better sexual intercourse. Although, the penis won’t erect that much and won’t be that sensitive.

All that aside, the individuals who have undergone FTM achieve the best possible results. The orgasm is possible. And over time overall ability leading to better sexual satisfaction gets higher. That means getting desirable sexual outcomes.

Final word

The approach of FTM improved with time. The major consideration is medical assistance from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. The doctor throughly checks all your requirements and accordingly suggest the necessary treatment course of action. Therefore, it’s an essential part of your female to male transformation. Just make sure to feel confident about yourself in any way you wish to live your life.

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Gender Change: How is chin augmentation effective for the face and jawline?

Chin Augmentation For Gender Change Surgery

Gender change is the transformation process of getting the look that makes you look beautiful. If you feel that your chin is not proportional to your desired eyes, then it’s essential to seek the benefit of Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag as part of your sex change procedure. The cosmetic surgeon will help to offer better definition to the jaw and chin to make it seem everything is in proportion to alleviate your self-confidence to a great extent. If you wish to plan for the surgery, then get hold of the cosmetic surgeon who can guide you about the entire process and ensure the results that you get best are according to what you are hoping to get.

Procedure of Chin Augmentation

The chin augmentation is a surgical approach known to make your natural appearance stand out. During the Chin augmentation in Andhra Pradesh under the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon, the chin implant will be placed to help see the results effective in terms of:

  • Volume
  • Definition
  • Desired chin proportions

Whether trans men or women, both can choose the approach to seek beautiful and natural-looking results.

A suitable candidate for chin augmentation

You benefit from the advanced cosmetic procedure if you have a weak chin or poor jaw. What’s more important is that the procedure you choose offers you the desired results. So, men and women need to discuss their concerns by scheduling an initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon.

When you talk to the cosmetic surgeon, you must discuss every possible concern that comes to your mind. Most importantly, the surgeon will evaluate the patients on all possible levels to see whether they are a good fit or not. The facial surgery approach is the desirable way to make everything work and the surgeon is the one who can make everything come to light.

Recovery after the chin implant surgery

During chin implant surgery, the downtime is less than in other cosmetic surgical methods. You must give yourself at least a few weeks following surgery to return to the desired regime. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind to see the necessary results:

  • Make sure that you don’t do any extensive facial movement
  • Don’t follow a strenuous exercise regime

Being careful about everything the surgeon says is the key to seeking the necessary results. Doing so will enable you to return to your daily regime within one week or so.

Learn more under the expertise of the cosmetic surgeon

If you think the procedure is right for you and want to seek the same benefits, then schedule an initial consultation with our cosmetic surgeon at VJ’s Transgender Clinic, Dr. C Vijay Kumar, to enjoy the best possible results. Discuss any potential concern that comes to your mind.

Gender change Surgery

Questions To Ask Your Surgeon Before Gender Reassignment Surgery

Having struggled with gender identity is a lifelong conflict that leads to difficult times with anxiety, depression, and other symptoms which might indicate gender dysphoria. Hence the rapid grwoth of Sex reassignment surgery in Tamilnadu.

If you want to transition yourself from the assigned gender to the desired gender, it is necessary for you to undergo medical intervention along with Transgender Surgery in Telangana. This decision might help you improve your overall quality of life.

It is generally a very extensive surgery that might generate a lot of doubts and questions about the whole ordeal. And it is necessary that you ask out all the questions from the surgeon beforehand to have a better understanding.

In this blog, we have written down some important questions that you must ask your doctor.

Essential Questions To Ask Your Surgeon

  • Who is the right candidate for gender-affirming surgery?

The patients who are suitable for MTF Surgery in Andhra Pradesh or FTM surgery are those who have already undergone some transitions themselves, including hormonal therapy. They are also living their life as per the preferred gender in their daily life.

There are also candidates who want to go to the bottom surgeries that have already undergone a less complicated top surgery such as face, chest, and abdomen before the genital reconstruction. Our surgeons also give consultancy to the patient and also contact their healthcare provider and other primary healthcare physicians before confirming the surgery.

With the help of this expert collaboration, the doctor makes sure that the whole operation is appropriate and safe for the patient. It also helps in receiving the best results.

Please note: that the results will not be the same for different patients with the same surgeries because of different requirements. Make sure to have a clear and real expectation before the surgery.

With different needs, our doctor makes sure to modify the procedure to give the best outcome. Hence it is your duty to enclose each detail of your underlying health condition, requirements, and other data beforehand.

  • What are your qualifications and credentials?

It is an essential question that, most of the time, people hesitate to ask their doctor. But it is not only your right but a way to ensure that you are under the guidance of the right candidate.

Gender reassignment surgery is becoming more prevalent in this society. So it is natural to notice a lot of surgeons who perform reconstruction and plastic surgery. Hence it is your duty to ensure that you select a qualified doctor skilled and well-versed with the new technology.

That is why it is necessary to ask for credentials, including the certifications by an authorized institute.

  • What is the cost of transgender surgery?

The cost of gender reassignment surgery varies from one case to another. On average, the male-to-female surgery will cost you around 2 to 5 lakh. Whereas on the other hand, the female-to-male surgery might cost you about 4 to 8 lakh. Other factors that might dictate the prices are the requirements and the complication.