Gender change Surgery

Major Techniques Used By The Surgeons For Gender Change Surgery India

How Does The Sex Reassignment Surgery Work?

The whole process takes around three to seven hours. In this procedure, the doctor includes the removal of the penis and also reshaping of the tissue of the genetic area for a male to female surgery. This whole process is done to give the appearance of more females and also to construct the vagina.

People chose gender change surgery so that they would be able to associate with the correct gender they feel rather than the one given at birth.

Given Below Are The Procedure Of Sex Reassignment Surgery

  • With the help of an invasive tool, an incision is made on the scrotum. Then the doctor pulls back the flap of the skin. And after that, the testes are removed.
  • The doctor cut a shorter urethra to remove the penis. With the excess skin left, the construction of the vagina and labia is done.
  • Unlike female into Male, people who do Male to female surgery retain a prostate.
  • With the help of estrogen, the doctor would stimulate breast development following the surgery. Apart from that, some also undergo the hip widening process, increase the voice pitch and inhibit the growth of facial hair.


What are The Different Techniques Used?

There are multiple techniques used for creating a vagina. One of the techniques that are known for being least invasive and more effective is by using an inverted skin of the penis to make the newly created cavity of the vagina. The doctor makes an incision on the penis from the base to the head; then, the doctor peels away the skin from the shaft.


In most of the procedures used, the surgeons used the portion of the penis head to form a clitoris. This procedure is done to allow sexual enjoyment and stimulation. In the case of a small penis, the doctor then uses a thigh, scrotal, or abdominal skin graft for the construction. Before teh sex reassignment surgery begins, the pubic hair in the scrotal skin is removed entirely for proper surgery.

 What Are The Goals Of Surgeons In Gender Change Surgery?

These are the goals that the surgeon has in their mind while forming up the construction of the surgery.

  • Their main goal is to create a vagina that looks similar to the biological one.
  • Their next goal is to preserve all the nerves and sensory points that would help the trans person get a good sensation while touching and the ability to orgasm.
  • They also create a long vaginal cavity which is both long and wide. Their cavity is sized enough for intercourse to happen.
  • The urethral orifice is also placed in the correct position, which matches the anatomy of the woman’s body. The place of the urethral orifice is above the vaginal opening.
  • The erectile tissues which are present are entirely removed. This process is done to prevent any engorgement of the tissue at the time of sexual intercourse.

As you start the journey of transgender surgery, you need the confidence and the guidance of the right expert who will help you reach your destination.

Gender change Surgery

Sex change: Look for one of the best surgeons to get gender change surgery

Gender Change Surgery

Earlier, people used to feel ashamed to talk about this subject, or if someone told them they wanted to get themselves transformed from female to Male, then it was referred to as a sin. But thankfully, with time and changes made by the government and society, gender-change surgery is getting the necessary attention it deserves.

On top of it, sex-change surgery is a transfixing subject as most people in the past have made an effort to bring that change. Earlier, whether someone wanted to get male to female or female to male sex change surgery, most things happened clandestinely (as a secret or illicit practice). Moreover, even trans individuals wanted to keep it all secret, thinking that they would be judged by society or might not get accepted the way they wanted to.

History of sex-change surgery surgeons

Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld

One of the known surgeons was dedicated to changing the life of homosexuals for the better. He was the one who came up with the term ‘Transsexuality.’ His passion and care for the trans community show in his hard work that he gathered the people’s stories and worked towards getting accepted into society.

Dr. Harry Benjamin

In 1949, he came up with the term ‘Benjamin Syndrome.’ He was the first one who believed that it’s okay to change the body to match the identity a person feels. Whether someone wants to do that through hormonal therapy or surgery, both routes are considered normal.

Present Day Gender Change Surgeon: Bringing a change

Dr. C Vijay Kumar

Undoubtedly, what surgeons have done in the past is exceptional, and it takes effort. But, to ensure that necessary change is managed and the present-day trans community can seek the required benefits, today’s surgeons have to give their best. One such name as renowned gender reassignment surgeon is Dr. C Vijay Kumar. Experience of more than 40 years and still counting.

All the trans individuals seeking MTF or FTM surgery can seek the ultimate care under his expertise. The main goal of Dr. C Vijay Kumar is to help trans individuals seek the best treatment plan for themselves.

At VJ’s Transgender Clinic, the most pleasing and comfortable environment is created to assist the trans community to get the desired results with utmost satisfaction and safety. Here’s the list of most common gender reassignment surgical options:

  • Facial feminization
  • Forehead reconstruction
  • Dimple creation
  • Chin contouring
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Top surgery
  • Hysterectomy
  • Genital reconstruction
  • Much more!

Do you want to plan for gender reassignment surgery?

You can talk to the team or doctor anytime for any queries or doubts. We look forward to being a part of your journey.

Gender change Surgery

4 Minute Guide: Fertility preservation options in gender change surgery

One of the stats has shown that around 39% of transgender men and 22% of women wish to become parents in the future. Many individuals prefer to get gender change surgery early in their life, even before they are at the stage to become parents. Those planning to begin the journey of female into Male or Male into female initially begin through the hormone treatment, and then they slowly get towards the surgical options as to what they prefer the most.

Being aware is important

So, for transgender individuals, it’s always essential to be aware of all options they have or how they can get the necessary change done in their lives. If you are about to start your journey from Male to female, then initially, it’s all-important to be completely aware of the same. Consulting the best fertility expert that all fertility prevention options do you have is essential to get the necessary further steps performed in the proper manner.

Which are the fertility presentation options for transgender?

Talking about the present time, the fertility preservation options are less at the moment. Being aware of everything is extremely important so that it’s easier for you to take all the necessary steps. In the present time, those undergoing sex reassignment surgery can preserve fertility through the option of:

  • Transgender Men: Oocyte Cryopreservation
  • Partnership: Embryo Cryopreservation
  • Transgender Women: Sperm Cryopreservation

It’s like the necessary protocol needs to be met effectively so that all the required steps are taken. To make sure that you get yourself the best technique, you need to visit one of the Best IVF centre in India and, under the expertise of the board-certified medical expert, make the necessary choice.

Is there any technique for the future?

On the theoretical basis, the cryopreserving gonadic tissue is the desired choice. But, it’s still on an experimental basis, and it will be seen in the future as to whether it will work. So, talking about the present time, this is not something that can be opted for as the fertility preservation method.

What are parental desires?

As mentioned above, even in transgender individuals the parental desires are noticed. No doubt the figure is still low, but that does not mean that it should not be considered the necessary choice. In such cases, the individuals can even benefit from options like surrogacy, conformation treatment, or checking the patient’s fertility to better know about the assisted reproduction method.

So, before you begin your gender confirmation surgery, you need to consult a fertility doctor about which fertility preservation method you should get and what’s the right way of doing that.

What’s the next step?

Starting your transgender journey should come with ease and without thinking about others. Whatever your preferences and desires are, you should feel free to choose the same.

Gender change Surgery

The Role Of The Psychiatrist In Gender Reassignment Surgeries

A drastic change happens in the body that has to be dealt with care with any surgical procedure. But to make that change happen, several steps happen. Especially when you are planning to get gender change surgery, several concerns can revolve in your mind like, ‘Do I need to consult a psychiatrist?’ or ‘Is it not unfair that I have to consult a psychiatrist first before starting the surgery?’ Well, anything that happens it’s for a reason.


Psychiatrist role during a gender change surgery

In the case of psychotherapy, many factors have to be taken into consideration. All those looking to begin the journey of Male to female to improve the body image in all ways need to get assistance from the experienced surgeon, and the same goes for a female to male surgery. Being a transexual is essential that the proper care is achieved in all ways and the best possible needs are addressed.

What are the two main objectives of a psychiatrist?

Whether you are planning for females into males or males into females, you aim to get the best results. And this is where the psychiatrist plays a significant role in ensuring the best results are achieved. So, the psychiatrists are going to play two primary roles, and that includes:

  • Limit the chances to have unsatisfactory results

Psychological and social conditions have a significant role to play in this concept. It’s important because around 10% of the patients have shown they regret getting transgender surgery. Considering the same reason, it’s essential before the journey starts, there should be a consultation with the psychologist. No doubt, there are even reported cases of suicide and depression.


  • Make the transformation successful in all ways

The psychiatrist’s primary purpose is to ensure all those planning to begin their transformation journey are adequately aware of how every step will be taken. Until the patient’s global satisfaction is not achieved and the patient has to adapt themselves to the new gender completely.


What’s the role of a psychiatrist in gender change surgery?

The psychiatrist’s role for the gender affirmation surgery can be broken down into the following points:

  • Get the detailed confirmation regarding the GD diagnostic
  • Properly maintain all the necessary diagnoses of GD, which are about psychiatric pathology.
  • Check and tell the patient regarding all the negative predictive things which might be going in the mind. Discussing every possible factor is essential to ensure the surgical treatment goes with ease.
  • When you talk to the psychiatrist, he will detect any unrealistic expectations. There won’t be any problem for the surgical team to carry out the following steps during the surgery.
  • The psychiatrist will check that the patient is completely aware of the limitations and if any negative things might occur.
Gender change Surgery

Clear Your Doubts Before The Procedure Of Gender-Affirming Surgery

Taking big decisions in your life, like gender affirmation surgery, can be a little complicated. That is why you would constantly require some sort of guidance throughout the procedure.

If you want to go for a male to female surgery, there would be many questions inside your head about the before and after the process.

That is why we are here tio help you out with some common doubts that people have when they decide to undergo gender change surgery.

What Kind Of Care Should Transgender People Expect?

Before you start the procedure of female into Male or vice versa surgery, we highly recommended reading the standard healthcare program made by an international organization for transgender health by using new scientific studies done on transgender healthcare. This would help the doctors to understand and achieve the best result in the unique healthcare needs of trans people or gender non-conforming people. It would be very appreciable if you chose a clinic that would refer to similar healthcare standards.

Is It Possible To Have Children After Gender Affirming Surgery?

Discuss all kinds of options available for you to meet your needs. As there are many transgender people who plan to have a biological child in their future goals. They could opt for preserving their eggs or sperm before the gender change surgery through a sperm bank and egg freezing. Plan the best for you with the doctor’s guidance at VJ’s Transgender Clinic.

How To Prepare Oneself Before The Transgender Affirming Surgery?

Apart from physically preparing yourself for the gender change surgery, you would also have to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself before going further with the gender-affirming procedure. Try to talk to people who have gone through the same journey and would be able to advise you with their real-life experience. You could also try to speak to a counselor and help yourself be mentally calm or under the dysphoria of gender to cultivate for the surgery with an honest mindset. Having good support from your family or friends would quickly help you win any situation. If you are alone in this journey, having faith in yourself would vividly build up your strength.

What To Expect After Gender Affirming Surgery?

After the surgical aspects of your gender change surgery have been finished, the doctor would recommend you go for a physician to follow up with your daily healthcare. They could also provide you with a custom plan that would easily meet your required needs for better health after the surgery. Apart from that, you would also be recommended to visit a urologist or gynecologist depending on what kind of surgery you have undergone for a regular check-up of cancer screening.

Apart from the health factor, you might also consider further changing your name and identification. All your paperwork would have to be sorted out after the surgery.

Gender change Surgery

Everything you need to know about the gender identity disorder

All-that about Gender Identity Disorder

Guide to Gender Identity Disorder: Gender identity disorder means the person gets the feeling they have the wrong gender identification. The situation is likely to trigger negative thoughts or create that feeling of discomfort for themselves that their gender is not right. Additionally, their main aim is to get accepted by others through other sex. This is the reason, the gender change surgery gets all the necessary demand to begin their transgender phase.

What are the reasons behind gender identity disorder?

Talking about the cause that is not known. The hormone changes in the body with time & it develops that feeling that something has to change or their behavior is not depending on what is their sex. More research indeed needs to be performed to better understand the situation.

What are the triggering symptoms of gender identity disorder?

The first feeling which a person gets is that their sex is not right or they don’t feel like that which they are assigned during birth. This is the reason many choose to go through the transition phase of female into Male or vice-versa.

Considering the increasing needs of transgender individuals it has become essential to get better surgical or treatment options to make everyone feel comfortable in their skin. Through the necessary hormones or surgery, the change can be brought into the body. It’s like giving them a sense of confidence that everything can be managed and what they desire can be achieved.

No doubt, those who suffer from this situation have the right kind of body appearance as well as the hormonal level is right. You can say that it’s essential to know better about gender identity disorder in those who are planning to get the male to female gender change.

Bear in mind!

Some think that gender identity disorder is inherited but there is no such proof of the same.

What is the method to diagnose gender identity disorder?

Well! The diagnosis & treatment is done depending on the health guidelines to ensure there is effectiveness in every step of the journey. You must get yourself the right medical assistance by consulting the health expert so that your entire journey goes with ease & comfort.

The gender identity diagnosis is more forward when the person has been feeling regarding their sexuality & gender for around 2 years & they do not have any sort of mental health issue which creates a problem during the surgery. This is the reason the situation demands the right medical assistance all the time & ensuring all the right steps can be taken further.

What is the way to treat gender identity disorder?

Well! The entire process is referred to as triadic therapy which means the situation demands a progressive approach & several elements will come along with managing the situation. Be it your wish is hormonal therapy or sex reassignment surgery you can get anything & everything.

During treatment, the sex hormone production is going to get stopped, and then accordingly desired gender is assigned which helps in giving the person desired characteristics.

Gender change Surgery

Proficient gender change surgeon answer questions on Gender Dysphoria

Dr. C Vijay Kumar: This blog is dedicated to the topic of ‘Gender Dysphoria’. So, all those who are planning to get gender change surgery should have clarity over their thoughts so that they proceed in the right direction.

How transgender and transsexual are different from each other?

  • Transgender is referred to as a non-medical term that has been used since the 1990s and it is used in terms of gender identity to understand how someone’s gender differs as to what was assigned to them at birth.
  • Transsexual is used for the individuals who come under the binary gender category which are one of them: Male or Female.

Bear in mind, not every individual deals with the situation of gender dysphoria planning to get the male to female gender change. Moreover, this situation is likely to trigger at any age, and many times people hide their feelings as to what they are going through. In case, you wish to get sex reassignment surgery then better be clear on your thoughts.

Can hormone therapy affect the emotional state?

In many cases, transgender people consider the choice of masculinizing hormones or feminizing hormones which include estrogen & testosterone. It was noted that their emotions were addressed as the gender dysphoria state got down with time. In case, a person already has a psychiatric disorder then they may have symptoms of manic or psychotic episodes. So, if your consideration is to get the female into Male then it’s better to know about the benefits & risks. You have to be ready to begin this journey so that no issue is triggered.

I have gender dysphoria, Should I not get gender change surgery?

Every individual has their preference as to whether they want to get surgical or medical treatment. If someone has gender dysphoria then it is up to them which treatment they want to get. Many of them feel happy and content just by getting hormone therapy. So, there is no such requirement that you have to get medical treatment. As we have mentioned, some choose to remain silent all this time and don’t feel like expressing their thoughts in front of everyone.

If a man likes to wear women’s clothes but doesn’t consider himself a woman, Does it mean he has a psychiatric disorder?

NO! Such cases are referred to as transvestite & this is not referred to as psychiatric disorders. Liking yourself to dress up in the opposite sex clothes does not mean that there is some problem with you.

Do you have any doubts?

It’s an important phase of your life and do what makes you feel comfortable. But, the most important thing is to be aware of the surgery and how everything will proceed further.